Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog post 1

I grew up in a little place called Goodway. I have two older brothers. I went to school at J.U.Blacksher for 13 years from which I graduated in 2008 and now I am currently attending South to enter the elementary education program. I have been raised around kids all my life because my mom has an in home daycare so kids are what I know and I enjoy being around them. That is why I chosen the major I have. Its a new world for me at South. I am making the best of it though. This is the first time I have lived away from home so i am in a learning experience. I dont have everything gave to me anymore an I have to wash, clean, cook, and so much more. I was so use to someone doing this for me. Life has hit me an im makin the most of it.


  1. As you will soon find it there is a lot more to being an educator than just being around kids and liking them. Welcome to EDM310!