Saturday, January 29, 2011

blog post #2

Did You Know?

Facts I would have never known without watching these clips. It is amazing to see how much the world has grown in so many ways. Even though the presentation was documented in 2008, I still couldn’t believe the facts and statics that it presented. It would be awesome to know the number on what the facts our in 2011 would be. In the little bit of time it took me to watch the video, there was some many lives brought in the world and I have never thought about it, so cool to have these facts.

These clips are great attention getters. They show how much the world has changed in just a few years and how technology advances have made it this way, from the facts about the child birth and music downloads and many more amazing facts. The clips shows how much everyone one is growing and how the U. S. needs to move forward on a faster pace to keep up with the other countries. I never knew a couple of weeks ago how cool an enjoyable the clips would be.

Mr. Winkle Wakes

I had to watch this video for my EDM 310 class at University of South Alabama. It really is amazing to see how the times have changed over a hundred years an technology has grown to be an everyday use. Even though is is true that some things are better done the old way. Now the way the world is today in the technological field is so advanced that when Mr. WInkle wakes and sees this he doesnt have a clue what all this is until he makes it to a school where the learning process has been the same for all these years.

I think this clips has shown use what changes have been made and what changes are still to be made. With all the new advances in modern technology, Schools to me should be the first to upgrade the learning process.

The Importance of Creativity

This clip was so pronounced to me in the way Sir Ken Robinson expresses his points on how creative kids should be. He showed that creativity can be put into ways in which makes life easier for people to make choices. He told the kids to be prepared to be wrong, because if we teach the kids to never be wrong then no one will come up with new ways or ideas 0n how to do things.

Ken Robinson goes on about our education an how diverse it is and that we should not limit our children to explore more education. We basically focus on a small part of our education which leaves out the majority which never gets brought up and this is why he wants them to explore more into education. This will help develop our children in a way in which they will be more advanced in the field in the future. I really enjoyed how creative he made this clip. Two thumbs up.

Cecelia Gault's Interview

Celcelia Gauit got a good lesson on listening to Sir Ken Robinson’s discussion. When she is making the interview to Sir Ken, every question she ask him. He always has an accurate answer in response to the question. He gives her the knowledge on what she is asking and the reason from with he has made the response to her.

It seems to me like she gained all the answers in which she was seeking. She is a type of kid that is excited on knowing more facts about the “Three myths of creativity.” There needs to be more kids like Cecelia that is prepared to acquire the knowledge like she is.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smartness

The way Mrs. Davis is going about the social networking is great. She is taking every day rural kids just like us and teaching them the ways to use technology in the classroom as well as the kids teaching her how to use some of the programs too. She makes a good point when she said that some children have limits with only pencil and paper. The computer has many more advances in which the kids can learn on.

She was so amazed that the kids where learning things on their own that she hasn’t taught them to. When the kids figure out something on their own, its gives them a great feeling of accomplishment in which they deserve. The blogs help with the kid’s social skills as well as sharing new ideas with others. This allows kids from rural areas to access foundations from across the world.


  1. "is true that some things are better done the old way." Give me some examples please.

    I don't understand what you are trying to say in your section on Sir ken Robinson's speech. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Reread it think about what you have written. What did you write? What were you trying to say? We can discuss this further if you wish.

    You need to work on your writing. Your paragraphs on C. Grant and V. Davis are also poorly written. And they are confusing to the reader.

  2. Hello John!

    My name is Bailey and I've been assigned your blog this week. I agree with most of your points in response to the videos we watched. Sir Robinson's video about creativity was my personal favorite. I'm actually taking a special topics course about creativity this semester, so I could really relate to what Sir Ken Robinson was saying. It's neat how watching a video like that can hit you on a personal level and really make you think.

    Dr. Strange also had a point. When we write, we want to make our points, our messages, as clear as we possibly can. If you don't know how to say what you want to say, just keep it on the back-burner until you find a way to communicate it effectively. That's what I try to do. Like right now, I just a cut a huge section of text from this comment because it just wasn't relevant. (I started writing like an English teacher, and I didn't want to scare you with grammar-speak.)

    As to the content, I can see that you tried to convey your reactions as best you could. That's great! It is rather disconcerting to think about how much technology has changed in the past 100 years. I know I would have been shocked if I had been in Mr. Winkle's place. I'd probably freak out and have to be sent to the asylum. Anyway, if you have any questions about writing or grammar (I just love answering them) feel free to email me or any of those other ways of contact that we have to list on our blogs. I live for English and writing questions, so it won't be any trouble.


  3. Hey John! I'm assigned to your blog this week, so here we go:

    Reading what you had to say about the post on Mrs. Davis, I like that you made a connection between the kids that she is teaching and "kids just like us"! We are going to be teaching children that are just like us and we have to make sure that we teach them the same way that we want to be taught.

    Children are very explorational-minded and they learn more than just the basics that we teach them! I firmly believe that we have the key to learning, and it is up to us to open that door for learning to that they can explore what is beyond each particular door!

    Great observations John! Keep up the hard work!