Saturday, February 19, 2011

blog post #5

Eagle Nest Radio and Class Blog

The way in which the students outlined their Roman podcast is very appealing. The setup of the background music and the changing between topic deliveries charm the listener and introduce tolerable anecdotes that are memorable from was start to the finish. This podcast captured the attention of the listeners and is well designed.

The benefits of podcasting in the classroom

This clip shows how much podcast can help students out. When people are sick or can’t make it to school, they still can get the lecture right at home with podcast or vodcast. The video tells you the difference between podcast and vodcast. Vodcast is the same as podcast with the exception of having a video with the chat. Teachers can record lectures for students who miss school or need to review for a test or any other information needed. Students can send a podcast or vodcast back to the teachers as needed to obtain valuable information.

100 ways to use your ipod to learn and study better

This list contains many new ideas on how the ipod could serve as an educational device. The list has lectures and guides that help you to be able to add materials to your ipod. This would allow the user to have access to these additions anytime and anywhere. It shows you not only the material to add, it also gives you the information to create podcast and add them to your ipod. The list makes for so many possibilities with using the ipod.


  1. Hi John Russel,

    It is Gloria I had to find post to tell you about me. I am 8 years old but I am turning 9 on the 10th of March. I am Tongan. I am a year 5 student and I am in room13. My

  2. You are now a podcaster! The third graders welcome you. I do hope you will continue to be a podcaster in your classroom!

  3. John,

    I also enjoyed the Roman podcast. I find it a very interesting project. The kids talking as if they were news reporters was very creative. I think that students will enjoy creating a podcast like this much more than writing a paper.

    I am thinking of using podcasts in my classroom for the students that have to miss class for whatever reason. It may make it easier for them to catch up on class material as opposed to just copying a classmates notes or reading the textbook. It will also make it easier for students to review for exams, or recall information when doing projects.