Wednesday, February 23, 2011

C4K summary

The first student I had in C4K was Liam. I had to read a blog on eight random things about him and post a comment.  The first random thing was that he could wiggle his ears. I have always wanted to do that ever since I watch the movie “The Little Rascals.” The second thing was that he had a dog named Ozzy because his mom loves Ozzy Osborne’s music.  The third thing he said was his favorite actor witch is Eddie Murphy. The Fourth was that he lived in Canada B. C.  The Fifth thing was his favorite movie that I have never seen called Hot Rod. The Sixth was that he has never broken a bone in his body. Wish I could say the same about myself but I can’t. The Seventh was that he isn’t allergic to anything that he knows of and the last thing was that his favorite TV show is MTV live. That is definitely eight random things.
The Second student I had in C4K was Gloria. Gloria attends Pt England School in Auckland, NZ and her teacher is Miss King.  She is a 4/5 year student.  On her blog she talked about Tamaki Music School that she goes to every Saturday. She has played the recorder for two years and decided she wanted to try another instrument so she signed up for the clarinet class. She really enjoys her music and wants to keep doing more. She seems like a determined kid in the way she wants to do more and more the better she gets.  
The last student was hc2011. He or she wrote a story about Sherlock Holmes and one of the mysteries that he encounters. The student done a good job on writing the story by keeping everything secretive until the very end. It keeps you on your toes as well as guessing what could have happened. He or she done an excellent job on their writing.

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