Tuesday, February 1, 2011

C4T post#1

For my assignment, I had to look at http//:EdTechWorkshop.blogspot.com/

Posted: January 25th 2011
Title: Sharing Our Learning

In the blog post, Andrea Hernandez basically shared her ideas on learning. She had devised better methods in which would help the kids in there learning process. She made the projects more joyful to the kids. She came up with ways to where there kids had projects to what they were interested in. She set up visual aid and let the kids read aloud and understand what they are posting makes their reading and writing skills better. This also let’s the kids start early in the technology field.

Posted: February 1st 2011
Title: 10 Thoughts After EduCon Day 1

Mrs. Hernandez just came up with random thoughts instead of taking her time and making sure her blog was perfect. She basically wrote what was on the top of her head. This helps to remember the feelings you had when you write something down and once you write it down you can refer back to it in time to finish out what you have started. This would clear the mind for new thoughts and ideas.

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