Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blog Post 7

This is a really inspiring video. This lecture is probably the best in that it reflects yourself and makes you want to understand how you would like to live your life. If you are like me, you probably are still in the process about how you want to be. Most of us don’t know what purpose we serve in our life. This video shows us how Randy Pausch was effected by others around him and a how his methods can be a guide to our lives. He talks about the importance of dreaming as well as the importance of leadership in our life and how it can be helpful, he also talks about the importance of how we can’t do everything on our own.

A fundamental to me is something that sets a basis by which you would go by. The importance of fundamentals in life is something that every one of us will experience through our learning process whether it is from family or friends. You will see the importance of it. I feel like teaching to me is really all a fundamental process. I want my students when I become a teacher to know how this is the basis that they will use in their work. Pausch made me really see how important fundamentals are.

Leadership is an important role in life to. I feel like that was one of my stronger points in life, being a leader. After being the team captain on our baseball team in high school makes you realize that you are not only helping out yourself but making others who are with you see what they need to accomplish. Being a teacher to me is a leadership role. You have to be a leader to be a teacher since you have students that look up to as a role model. If you don’t have a leader than whom can you follow?

We can't do everything ourselves! In this video, Randy Pausch talks to us about how he couldn’t have accomplished what he has today without the somebodies help. I know this is true because I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of my family, teachers, and friends. I would like to thank everyone that has ever helped me to get to where I am and when I do become a teacher. I am going to return the favor to my students and anyone that needs help that I can offer. It is to me a part of leadership and it is fundamentals. The people that help you are the leaders and they had to learn it from someone which is fundamentals so everything ties together. I really enjoyed this video.


  1. John,
    I am your C4C this week. I too found this video to be very inspiring and educational.Fundamentals are the basis for further learning. Our students will be able to build off of them as they progress through their educations. They are very important elements in the learning process.

    I agree that leadership is an important character trait that all teachers should possess. As you've said, students look up to their teachers for guidance and instruction. As teachers, we must lead through example. Often, actions speak louder than words.

    I like that you mention that we wouldn't be where we are today without the help of family, friends, and educators. Life is a journey that would be impossible alone. We must help our students become educated, productive members of society. While it is important to teach, we must also learn. Teachers can learn a lot from their students if they pay attention and given them a chance to express themselves.

  2. How he taught is as important as how he led his life!