Wednesday, March 2, 2011

C4T summary

The first post I had read was Planning a Year of Technology PD. I really liked the plan she had devised. This plan seems to have all the assets to being well prepared. Im glad you posted this for all of use to take it and help with our teaching techniques. It is important for us to have our own goals that we set as teachers. I am glad for people like you giving us advantages in developing and enhancing curriculum to maximize student authorship, and creativity.

The second post i read about was Students as Teachers: 6th Grade Tutorial Designers. I read your post and I think this is a great idea. I like the idea of the MYP Technology Design Cycle: It lets the students learn on their own as well as learn from each other tutorials. I like the way that she wanted to help the kids with the learning skills as well as share what they already know. It was cool how she gave the students the three pieces of paper and had them to draw something on it and then write down the steps the just went through drawing the picture on the other sheet. This makes them realize that there are fundamentals to everything they do or create. A process to where or what they are making. The tutorials will help the kids to learn from each other as well as learn how each individual learning process is different. I really enjoyed this post.


  1. Hi John,
    Its me Havea,Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog,your story sounds good.

  2. JR,

    I think the posts you read are quite interesting. I really like the video "how to draw a cartoon dinosaur" because I LOVE dinosaurs. The design cycle does seem to let students learn on their own, and that is how they will grow as students. I am glad you enjoyed these posts.