Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blog post 9

I really got a lot out of this post. It was inspiring to me as a future teacher and things that I need to do. He covered so much in this post on how you to read the crowd, how to be flexible, how to communicate, how to be reasonable, how not to be afraid of technology, how to listen to your students, and finally to never stop learning. He had in his mindset that it was all about him as a teacher. He was quickly to learn that teaching was not only about him but it was also about the audience he was teaching. He said you have to be flexible when you make up plans for teaching lessons. I agree with him about keeping the good attitude and smile on your face no matter what you do or how things may come out. I also agree with him as he says communication is the best medicine. Being able to communicate is very critical when trying to earn respect and trust with people. Being reasonable is important as well. I know how I was when I was a kid that I was hard of listening and wanting to learn just what I wanted. I realize that we all make mistake and all you can do is your best so if they don’t want to learn, you just got to keep pushing them. Technology is a great aspect to us as teachers. It helps use with being able to find topics we are researching as well as being able to create interesting topics to teach. Learning to never stop learning is the best thing anyone could do. I hope when I become a teacher I can easily adjust the way he did in response to all the situations he has come upon. I really learned a lot from this and I hope I can be like him when I start my career.


  1. How right you are...I felt the same way about his post. I remember when I was in Highschool, how some of my teachers and I connected on a special level and others I could care less what they were trying to teach me. Technology is a very useful tool when it comes to educating our youth. Good Job

  2. John,

    It's almost scary to think about all of the "what ifs" that could potentially happen in an actual classroom. You put so much hard work and sweat into your lesson plans, it's definitely going to be difficult to cope when things don't go as they should!

    - Allie