Thursday, March 24, 2011

C4T summary 3

The last teacher I learned about was Royan Lee. He had an idea about making a table to where you could sit down and draw and be able to erase while at the table. I think this is a good idea. For people who love to draw and make art work. This would be handy to them. I think that maybe you can do like a smartboard like table to where you could draw and erase while having other thing to look at while at the table. This way you could be more creative with your works.

In the post I had to read from Royan Lee was about slang terms in class. I agreed with him an 110percent. If the kids make the words easier for them then who does it hurt? If it is understandable to all of use then why is it such a big deal? Kids today have their ways of innovation with things. I don't see what it hurts a thing. I have been using slang terms for a long time especially since I am from the south. I really liked this post.

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