Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog post 12

Watch this Clip: Timeline of Technology,
It is really not the clip that that caught my attention but the name of it. I want you to think back from when you were learning in grade school and the methods from which you were taught with using technology and compare it to the technology that can be used in today’s class.

Thinking back from when I was in school in my younger years. I really don’t recall using much technology for too much of anything. I remember using a tap player to let use listen to how words were pronounced. I remember playing just a few times on the computer usually when we read books and had to take an accelerated reading test to make sure we had read the books or when we had to do or speed times table in math class. Most of the time we were not allowed to even come close to the computer in the class room because the teacher claimed it as her personal property. We use to use projectors to project images from which were usually printed off the computer to learn from.

Just thinking back, almost everything that we did in grade school is completely different. The teachers now incorporate the computer skills into the kids’ activities. Almost everything can be done from not only with the advances of smartboard by being able to surf the web and finding the information from which you were trying to obtain. The computer now days take places of everything that I have mentioned that i use to use when I was younger. It is all in one device that is easier to use and more efficient to the learning process. It is amazing when you really think back to how much technology that you used in the class and just watching a few of the videos of the way kids are being taught today is amazing to me. This is making for a better and brighter tomorrow for the future students.

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  1. You write about situations in which " ... the teacher claimed it as her personal property." That is the problem, even today. I think we absolutely MUST put the technology into the hands of the students.