Sunday, April 3, 2011

An Open Letter to Educators…

This was a very interesting post. I know almost all of us have had the teachers who just ramble on about the subject they tech whether it is boring or not and try to make you just remember the facts of it. Most of my teachers were this way and I know from experience that it needs to be changed. This is not the teacher I would want to be. We as future teachers in the making need to think back to our teachers and remember how they taught and what got the attention of the student more into what was being taught instead of going on and just reading for the book. We need to incorporate new ways to keep the kids more interested in learning. We have to change the attitude of what are job is. Our job is to teach and teaching may be some memorization skills but we have to make it fun and keep the kids wanting to learn instead of dreading the lectures. It needs to be more devoted to making the kids active with learning. We can make learning fun and all we have to do is make a guide line on how we teach and remember what keep us interested from when we were taught!!!

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