Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Kids...Big Potential

I really like this video. I was so amazed by these kids skill on the computers and with the use of technology already. These are thing that I am just now learning in college and these first grade kids are already accessing this. There are so many advances with starting these kids early in the technological field. It helps with the association and communication skills as well as writing and also gets them familiar with how useful technology really is. I like the way that she had the kids to where they had their own blogs where their families and friends could look and leave comments for the students. They also done Skype with other classes with was a cool interactive project for the kids. I see where they were also using the smartboard in a couple of photos. Like I said, I am a college student just now learning how to do all these things and they are already starting to master it. When I become a teacher, I want to have sort of the same style teaching as she does. She gets the kids more involved with the work and anything that can keep a first grader interested has to be great. I really liked this video with the kids.

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  1. Ms. Cassidy's teaching technique shows us so much about how important it is for kids to be able to reflect, create, and produce. She helps her students make connection that many other kids don't make about how connected we all are in this world by sharing things like their alphabet discoveries. By letting them see that their sources of entertainment (tv, video games, computers) can be used for tools as well. Whether they remember how to blog, tweet, or text is almost irrelevant. What really matters is that they see that their work matters, that work can feel like play, and that other people are affected by what you produce. Aren't those lessons that every parent would love for their child to learn along their academic journey?